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How To Choose a Lemon Lawyer

About the Lemon Laws

The term “vehicle” in the Missouri Lemon Law

GM, Chrysler, Hyundai, Nissan recalls

How long to file a lemon law claim?

Missouri Lemon Law Damages

Missouri’s Reasonable Allowance for Use

Mercedes-Benz $482,000 lemon law case

How many repairs are unreasonable in Missouri?

Out-of-state cars and the Missouri Lemon Law

Substantially Impair the Use, Value, or Safety

Lemon Law and Product Liability

Another Toyota Recall

Extended Warranty Lemon Law

Deceptive Extended Warranties

Missouri Farm Lemon Law

What is covered under the Federal Lemon Law?

What is a Consumer Product?

Pet Lemon Law

Implied Warranties

Honda Recall

Toyota Recall Followup

Missouri Merchandising Practices Act

New Hyundai Recall

BMW and Rolls-Royce Recall

Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Ford recalls

Can a lemon be “certified pre-owned?”

More about the Toyota recall

Three day revocation period for consumer contracts in Missouri

Tractor Trailer lemon laws

New Lexus Recall

What is a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB)?

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The Toyota Report

Why You Don’t Have to Use a Dealer for Repair Attempts