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Missouri Farm Lemon Law FAQ

Q: Is my Farm Machinery covered by the Missouri lemon law?

A:Your machinery must meet the following requirements:

Q: What counts as Farm Machinery?
A: Any self-propelled equipment or machinery, used for agricultural purposes. Please contact Law Office of Bryan Brody if you are unsure whether your machinery qualifies.

Q: Does the farm machinery have to be out of service for 30 days in a row?

A: No, the Missouri  farm lemon law only requires that the total number of working days out of service equals or exceeds 30 days.

Q: If I meet all the requirements of the Missouri farm lemon law, what can I demand from the manufacturer?
A: The manufacturer should refund your entire purchase price, minus a reasonable allowance for your use of the vehicle, and take back possession of the farm machinery. Please contact Law Office of Bryan Brody for a more detailed explanation of this calculation.

Q: Who pays my attorney’s fees?
A: If you prevail, the Missouri farm lemon law allows the consumer to recover attorney’s fees and costs, in addition to other damages. Contact Law Office of Bryan Brody for a full explanation of how we recover fees from manufacturers.

Q: What if I do not meet all the requirements for the Missouri lemon law?
A: Other laws, including the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (the “federal lemon law”) might still apply.